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Design and Landscaping of your new garden

Have you just bought a new house? Maybe even in one of the new subdivisions listed below?
Congratulations with the purchase of your new home!

After decorating the inside of your home it is time to do something about the garden and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get to enjoy your garden as soon as possible!
Your new garden could be landscaped in a very short period of time.
This way you can enjoy your beautifully landscaped garden by ”Olierook Hoveniers”. We will be glad to come around and discuss all the possibilities with you. Under no further obligation! With a clear and transparent offer it will immediately be apparent to you what is possible within your budget.
We offer professional workmanship and guarantee to deliver your dream garden to your satisfaction.

New Subdivisions in Voorschoten, Leidscheveen, Pijnacker, Den Haag, Wateringse Veld, Wassenaar, Zoetermeer

Park Allemansgeest Voorschoten
Domaine Blanche Leidscheveen
Hartenhoek Pijnacker
De Burght Den Haag
Groene Lanen Wateringse Veld
Karmoy Wateringse Veld
Het Podium Den Haag
Ambiance Zoetermeer
Het Quadrant Pijnacker
Ypsilon, De Caaien Den Haag
Hooghe Klei Wassenaar
De Vliegenier Den Haag
Wateringse Binnentuinen  Wateringse Veld
Lentevreugd Wassenaar

Do you have any questions? Or would you like us to bring out an offer?

Do you have any gardening questions, or would you like a quote for your new garden?
Please feel free to Contact us for a free quotation under no obligation.

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