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Garden Design, Garden Landscape and Maintenance

Garden Design = Customised Design

No garden is the same; therefore our designs are always unique. We can help you with your design and give you advice. A good design is the creative translation of all your ideas, wishes and dreams. It is in everyone’s best interest that you get the garden that suits your lifestyle to perfection taking into account practical use of the area, children, budget and future maintenance.

If you already have a design, we will be pleased to check this against all our own criteria. We would be pleased to follow that design and create your perfect garden for you.

We also work with specialists such as garden architects and specialists in garden sculpture. Check out our Partner page.

Garden Landscape

A design can look wonderful on paper – but now the most important thing is to transfer that image into reality with the highest quality workmanship. All construction works are carried out by our own experienced and courteous staff.
As a professional company we guarantee our workmanship. The laying out of gardens can incorporate a wide variety of work such as garden fencing, patios and driveways, building a shed or a garage, water features, tree management, lighting, theme gardens, veranda’s and pergola’s or just laying out a new lawn.
We can also design and implement an “Educative garden” for Schools and/or Community Services. Laying out artificial turf or cutting and managing trees is also one of our specialties.
And when this garden has been realised, we can keep up the maintenance for you too (either part or complete maintenance contracts can be made up). This service can also be applied to already existing gardens. We are of course always available to make a free quotation for all your gardening needs.

See our Portfolio of pictures of landscaped gardens and images from projects completed by the team at various homes and properties.

Garden Maintenance

Your garden is a living object and as such is always changing. Plants and weeds grow, the seasons change, and extreme weather conditions or pests can alter and damage your perfect garden. Your garden therefore needs constant supervision.

Good garden maintenance by “Hoveniersbedrijf Olierook” is therefore of the greatest importance. We have a variety of maintenance contracts for you to choose from or you can decide on casual work to be done by the hour. The timetables linked to the weekly and seasonal contracts are always set up in conjunction with the client so that you can see what work will be done and when this work will be carried out.

This is the easiest way for you to enjoy your garden with the least amount of effort!

Contact us for a free quotation or advice under no obligation.

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